Play Balls font clipart

Thematique letter paks | Friday July 12 2013 8:58 am

Playing balls letter images pak


Extra high resolution font clipart, “Play balls” constructs every letter from sporting balls producing original eye-catching texts suitable for any kind of design, publishing and decoration.
The set consists of 43 glyphs, and the height of each letter is about 3000px. Quality graphics based on detailed 3D-models makes this clipart an ideal choice for composing cool-looking texts letter by letter for excellent final result with minimum effort. Thanks to a PSD version of each glyph, you only need a few minutes to actually put this graphics wherever you need.



Colored Stars Font Clipart

Thematique letter paks | Sunday May 26 2013 2:34 pm


When you need extra quality text effect for holidays design, “Colored Stars” Font Clipart is the right choice. This spectacular font set consisting of 44 glyphs is build on the base of quality 3D-models, which allowed to obtain the resolution ~3000px in height.
Such high resolution opens a wide range of applications of the clipart from game and web design to advertising and publishing.
Each glyph in the set is supplied in JPG and PSD version for instant deployment and maximum usage comfort. Every letter in the font set is build from bright clolored stars making the text written with the font extremely original and eye-catching.