Basketball letters font clipart, second edition

Thematique letter paks | Sunday May 26 2013 2:39 pm


High resolution font clipart, Basketball (v2) constructs every letter from basketball balls producing original eye-catching texts suitable for any kind of design, publishing and decoration.
The set consists of 42 glyphs, each in ~3000×3000 pixels resolution, both in JPG and PSD formats.
Quality graphics based on detailed 3D-models makes this clipart an ideal choice for composing cool-looking texts letter by letter for excellent final result with minimum effort.
Thanks to a PSD version of each glyph, you only need a few minutes to actually put this graphics wherever you need.


Basketball Font Clipart ver. 1

Thematique letter paks | Monday April 8 2013 10:04 pm


With the high resolution, the Basketball Font Clipart font clipart delivers extremely quality glyphs for creating any kind of web design, publishing and decoration.
Letters in the font are visually build from scattered basketball balls where each ball is a through 3D-model.
The set consists of 41 glyphs, and the height of each letter is about 2500px.
Easy application of the set is guaranteed by two formats the clipart is supplied with: JPG for conventional uses and PSD for easy copy-and-paste operations.
With our glyphs you can easily built nice and original graphical texts in minutes!