8-bit Old Computers Font-Cliparts Set

8-bit Old Computers Font-Cliparts Set

Set of 4 vector font cliparts, “8 bit Old Computers” for retro computer, gaming or other themes.
The set consists of 4 different fonts each in “solid” and “pixilate” versions, and as vector images can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution.
Vector EPS file format allow open files in most popular graphics software, include Adobe illustrator, Corel Draw and others.


  • 8-bit fonts is good for such design themes as compter world, history of computers and games, retro design of 70-80th etc
  • There is 4 different fonts. 5×7 pixels pattern looks similar to Apple ][ computer and some other old PC. 6×6 font looks close to Zx-Spectrum home computers. 6×6 bold style – Atari 400/800 and other. 6×7 bold – similar to Commodore 64
  • All fonts is monospace and each gliph entered to thier pattern (6×6, 5×7, or 6×7). But as free bonus included original Zx Spectrum and Commodore 64 glyphs (not so strictly entered in pattern)
  • Vector format of the clipart allows for virtually any use including professional publishing and printing. This images is a vector illustrations and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution.
  • EPS10 file format can be opened even old version of software. Adobe Illustrator can be any vesion of CS (Creative Suit) or CC (Creative Cloud). JPG preview (on white background) and PNG (with transparent background) also included
  • For big amount of text ZIP contain system fonts in OTF (OpenType) format. After installing in OS you can just write text from keyboard



8 bit Old Computers Font-cliparts contain:

4 different pixels pattern fonts-cliparts, include all latin letters, digits and sepcial symbols

All four fonts in .OTF format, Monospace (realistic) and Regular (better kerning) versions for each.


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