Money Stacks font Clipart

Money stacks font clipart

High resolution font clipart, “Money Stacks” constructs every letter from 100 dollars money paks producing original eye-catching texts suitable for any kind of design, publishing and decoration.
The set consists of 42 glyphs in two variants – frontal and isometric, and the height of each letter is about 3000px. Quality graphics based on detailed 3D-models makes this clipart an ideal choice for composing cool-looking texts letter by letter for excellent final result with minimum effort. Thanks to a PSD version of each glyph, you only need a few minutes to actually put this graphics wherever you need.


  • High resolution of the clipart allows for virtually any use including professional publishing and printing
  • Isoemtric glyphs set for creating cool-looking “3d text effect”
  • PSD format and convenient easy-cut mask promote instant selection and applying of symbols
  • Money Stacks font clipart┬áis ideal for such design themes as treasure, finances, budget, taxes, waste, wealth and others
  • The affordable price of $29 means you pay much less than $1 for each image of the font clipart.
  • Money Stacks font clipart is based on thoroughly created 3D-models providing high level of detail



Money Stacks Font clipart contains:

Uppercase letter A-Z . Click for enlarge (in new windows).

Isometric set of letter A-Z . Click for enlarge (in new windows).

Numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,
Sepcial symbols. Click for enlarge.

Isometric set of numbers and symbols.


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